About the Program

Is your program interested in exploring implementation strategies relating to Flight curriculum concepts as part of daily educator practice?

As a program, are you curious about where to start and how to align Flight with current educator practice and interactions with children? As a provincial support agency, ARCQE has been awarded a contract to guide curriculum implementation support for all licensed program types (Child Care, Family Child Care, Out of School Care, program and Preschool programs) with a variety of options to support engagement with curriculum concepts.

ARCQE is pleased to share news of expanding opportunities for support with implementation of Flight framework principles in practice. To learn more about pedagogical partner support and the new professional learning series available titled “Possibilities for Practice”, be sure to read the following information handout.

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Possibilities for Practice
Possibilities for Practice

This six-part professional learning series is particularly relevant for anyone seeking an introduction to the guiding principles of practice intended to inform curriculum implementation. It includes topics like "Responsive Environments" and "Practice of Relationships."

Pedagogical Partner Support
Pedagogical Partner Support

Pedagogical Partners are consultants contracted by ARCQE to work with individual programs guiding course taker studies and supporting onsite and virtual visits to facilitate implementation of Flight Framework concepts in daily practice.

Supporting Curriculum Practice
Supporting Curriculum Practice

This learner-directed, eight-module series is visually engaging and includes a variety of interactivities to support learning, thinking, and the development of reflective practice. Virtual conversations are hosted weekly throughout the series to allow learners to connect with knowledgeable facilitators and other educators from across our province.

Possibilities for Practice Learning Series

This six-part professional learning series is particularly relevant for anyone seeking an introduction to the guiding principles of practice intended to inform curriculum implementation. For more information, please view the information handout. The following is an outline of topics pertaining to the Flight framework that will be explored during these sessions:

Session 1:  What is Curriculum
Session 2:  Image of the Child
Session 3:  Responsive Environments
Session 4:  Practice of Relationships
Session 5:  Creating a Culture of Learning
Session 6:  Pedagogical Leadership

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Pedagogical Partner Support

What is Pedagogical Partner Support?

Pedagogical Partners are consultants contracted by ARCQE to work with individual programs guiding course taker studies and supporting onsite and virtual visits to facilitate implementation of Flight Framework concepts in daily practice. Support begins with development of a “core team” within programs comprised of educators enrolled in the Flight course at Grant MacEwan University. The core team works with the Pedagogical Partner to reflect on core concepts and holistic goals of the Flight framework and how they translate in individual practice settings. Programs are also connected with a broader Regional Learning Community (RLC) of educators to support networking opportunities among programs across the early learning and care sector using Flight.

How to Apply for PP Support?

Pedagogical Partner (PP) support is intended for programs with educators enrolled in the online course offered through Grant MacEwan University. Given PP Support is intended to guide program level engagement, applications for PP support must be submitted by the program administrator. This support is provided at no cost to programs; although there is an expectation that programs will facilitate time for meetings with educators and observation and reflective dialogue sessions that are part of Pedagogical Partner engagement.

To maximize access to PP Support timely with course taker studies, educators are encouraged to forward this information to Program Administrators to activate support as soon as possible given number of programs supported annually is limited.

Service Request Forms

New this year, Service Request forms are now available for all programs types: CC, FCC, OSC and Preschool. To activate involvement with the Pedagogical Partner program, please a service request form belowto help determine appropriate entry point for your program. Help ARCQE get to know your child care program, so we can best assess your program’s needs and entry phase for engagement best suited to your program’s journey with curriculum implementation relative to pedagogical partner support.

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*Please note that every effort will be made to facilitate priority to programs requesting PP Support that have confirmed registrations to the Exploring Early Childhood Curriculum course with MacEwan so that where possible, course takers will have access to support while working through the course. For information about MacEwan course registration contact pppinfo@macewan.ca.


In terms of a support model- ARCQE employs a triad design which includes Pedagogical leadership, Partner support, and Educator engagement!  This model takes inspiration from pilot-test work from Mount Royal University as well as research on mentoring based out of New Zealand Council of Educational Research.

Supporting Capacity

Currently ARCQE has approximately 40 Pedagogical Partners supporting ELCC sites across the province in the following all child care regions.

  1. Northwest Region
  2. Northeast Region
  3. North Central Region
  4. Edmonton Region
  5. Central Region
  6. Calgary Region
  7. South Region
Strengthening Facilitation Skills

Strong facilitation skills, and experience in supporting reflective practice dialogue and strategies with educators.

Enriching Practice

Enriched practice experience relative to educator-child engagement and co-constructed learning, and responsive environments.

Deepening Understanding

In-depth understanding of practice relating to coaching and supporting authentic practice relating to cultural diversity.

What to Expect

As the Pedagogical Partner roles evolve following are some of the ways they may be formally engaged with your centre:

Process of Engagement
Pedagogical Partners register and attend the MacEwan online curriculum course alongside of ELCC members to support and create dialogue relative to weekly reflective writing activities, contributing to class postings and sharing reflections in on-line Collaborate sessions.

Supporting & Strengthening Practice
In conjunction to taking the course together, Pedagogical Partners will also visit programs on a monthly basis for approximately 4 hours per month of coaching time to facilitate applying theoretical concepts of the course into daily practice.

Establishing Communities of Practice
Pedagogical Partners will also, as appropriate, coordinate Community of Practice (CoP) sessions within individual ELCC sites as a means of engaging all centre educators on topics relative to overarching curriculum concepts specific to each sites’ learning needs.

Regional Learning Community Sessions
Building more broadly upon curricular concepts a significant part of the support process also places emphasis on connecting ELCC sites together as part of a larger professional community. The learning community model places focus on guiding and facilitation of groups of 4-6 sites coming together as a Regional Learning Community (RLC’s).  These groups meet throughout the year to engage on related topics or broad interest areas of professional practice and engagement with elements of the curriculum framework once ELCC site staff have completed the Exploring Early Childhood Curriculum course with MacEwan University.

Project Details

How is support initiated?

  • All sites will receive an introductory/welcome letter describing PP involvement
  • Pedagogical Partners will connect individually with each site, schedule visits to build relationship and provide an overview of support.
  • PP’s will provide an overview of course involvement & how they can support educator participation (registration and on line technology)
  • PP’s will outline details for onsite Community of Practice (CoP’s) and offsite Regional Learning Community (RLC) sessions.

Who are the organizational partners supporting ELCC sites?
This work is currently being developed in partnership among four organizations:

  • Grant MacEwan University (GMU) overseeing the development and delivery of the on-line Exploring Curriculum Perspectives: Play, Participation, & Possibilities course
  • Mount Royal University (MRU) is the Pedagogical Leadership Team which provides leadership and guidance to Pedagogical Partners with application of curricular concepts relative to needs of individual sites


For further information about PP support and qualifying criteria, please direct questions to our Regional Directors:

Alison Rinas, Regional Director – North (north of Red Deer), alisonr@arcqe.ca

Rebecca Leong, Regional Director – South (Red Deer and south), rebeccal@arcqe.ca