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Our Staff

Corine Ferguson, Executive Director 
Coaching Services & Project Information

Susie Su, Financial Coordinator
Financial Related Services

Joyce Qiaoyi Li, Professional Development Coordinator
Workshops, Conferences, & Newsletter Services

Iris Casuga, Administrative Coordinator
General Inquiries & Information

Our Coaches

Nikki Grunwald, ASQ/GRASP Project Lead & South Region Coach

Alison Rinas, Curriculum Project Lead & North Central Region Coach

Kathy Barnhart, LINK Project Lead & Edmonton Region Coach

Heather Howard, Calgary & Central Regions Coach

Jessica Popp, Calgary Region Coach

Krissa Rathgeber, Central Region Coach

Jessica Garner, Edmonton Region Coach

Karin Freiberg , Northwest Region Coach

*All of the Coaches are both site-specific and virtual.

Coaching & Mentorship
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