Celebrating National Childs Day

November 15-16, 2019
Fantasyland Hotel, 17700 87 Ave, Edmonton, AB, T5T 4V4

This year we are celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child – a significant milestone in recognizing children’s rights as “mighty learners and citizens” (Makovichuk et al. 2014), as well as ARCQE’s 15th anniversary of operation. In light of this, we are pleased to announce our upcoming National Child Day conference theme: “Re-Writing Our Stories—Looking Back, Visioning Forward…” Leading off this year’s conference in thought provoking reflection, insight and pedagogical discussion, ARCQE is also pleased to share the engagement of three engaging and dynamic keynote speakers—Cate Friesen, Brenda Soutar, and Don Geisbrecht!

In celebration of ARCQE’s 10th National Child Day conference, we are seeking involvement of pro-grams who may be interested in engaging children as co-constructors in the creation of centerpieces that support artistic expressions of children sharing their stories and voices with us! With the theme of this year’s conference being “Re-writing Our Stories: Looking Back, Visioning For-ward…”, we are looking to enlist children’s artistic renditions of what stories, children’s rights, and national child day means to them to be highlighted as centerpieces at our conference!

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Keynote Speakers

Cate Friesen

As the driving force of The Story Source, Cate Friesen helps you discover and tell your essential stories, the ones that will move you forward, and inspire others to act with you. She is a story practitioner, facilitator, trainer and keynote presenter who brings together 25 years of experience as an award-winning CBC producer, documentary maker, entrepreneur, and performer.

Cate works with organizations to teach skills in developing and telling stories of impact. She coaches leaders in developing their signature stories, co-leads the training for The Winnipeg Foundation’s highly successful capacity-building coaching program, Fast Pitch, and is an instructor in Oral Communications at University of Winnipeg’s PACE program. As a lifelong learner, she is currently studying Public Narrative at Harvard Kennedy School.

Brenda Soutar

Bringing perspectives on bi-cultural approaches to early childhood education… Brenda Soutar will share relevance to this year’s theme on Re-Writing our Stories- Looking back and visioning forward in taking inspiration from a Maori Whakatauki (proverb) that was used to guide a formal review of Te Whariki conducted as part of the NZ ministry of Education’s curriculum update in 2017 which means one must “Look back in order to move forward…

Brenda Soutar, from Aotearoa (New Zealand), is one of 3 Maori writers that formed part of a writing team of seven reviewing the Te Whariki Curriculum in 2017. She has worked across the education sector from early childhood to tertiary with a specific focus on Maori language immersion education. What she’s come to believe -“Theory and practice must go hand in hand in order to achieve successful outcomes. Our ancestors world-view provides the greatest guidance we need as indigenous educationalists.

Don Geisbrecht

Don Geisbrecht is CEO of the Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF), Canada’s largest member based early learning and child care organization. Prior to his current role as CEO, he was President of the CCCF Board of Directors from 2006-2012. His is currently a member of the federal government’s Expert Panel on Early Learning and Child Care Data and Research, the Province of BC’s Childcare Sector Labour Market Partnership and of the Vanier Institute for the Family Canadian Military and Veteran Family Leadership Circle. He was the Chair of the Alberta Resource Centre for Quality Enhancement, an expert panel member of the B.C. Universal Child Care Prototype Sites Selection Committee and a member of the Province of Manitoba’s Early Learning and Child Care Commission. He is a past Board Executive Committee Member of the Child Care Human Resources Sector Council, served as the President of the Manitoba Child Care Association and was a member of the Federal Ministerial Advisory Committee on the Child Care Spaces Initiative. He was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of his service on behalf of Canadian families in 2013.

Before working as the CEO of the CCCF, Don was the Executive Director of a non-profit, multi-age early learning and child care program in Winnipeg.