2021 Virtual Conference – Nov 18-20, 2021

Dates: November 18-20, 2021

In light of pan-Canadian discussions taking place across the country regarding a National Child Care System, ARCQE is pleased to announce our upcoming conference theme: “Acknowledging Children’s Right to Well-being & Citizenship…Towards a National Vision!

This year also marks the 30th anniversary of Canada’s ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. As we prepare to celebrate our country’s commitment to upholding the rights of children, we reflect on the significance of recognizing children’s rights as mighty learners and citizens. We invite you to join our event as we explore thought-provoking reflections, insights and pedagogical discussions honouring our future global citizens!

Relative to this year’s format, while we are optimistic of pandemic restrictions beginning to ease, given the need to pre-plan amidst continued uncertainty of what the Fall may hold, ARCQE has decided once again proceed with a virtual format on the Accelevents platform which many of you participated on during last conference in February.

Stay tuned over the coming months for further updates on speakers and sessions that will be part of this year’s exciting event!

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Past Conferences

Conference Feb 2021

"I really enjoyed the virtual event. It was was less stress to have to be away from my workplace during the pandemic."

Conference Attendee

"Having it online helps with people like me who are busy with children during week days."

Conference Attendee

"I loved how you can get the chance to interact with other people! I also really enjoyed playing the games!"

Conference Attendee

"I really liked the fact that if I had to step away for a moment that I could go back and see what I missed. Due to low staffing I would of not been able to attend in person. I could do this in between my work duties."

Conference Attendee

"loved the content, great variation."

Conference Attendee

"The ability to have this event virtually made it possible for programs who cannot afford to close for the duration of the conference to send their educators to the sessions; it made it possible to include a more diverse range of presenters; and I hope this format continues at least in part for future conferences!"

Conference Attendee

"So impressed by the great work ARCQE did providing a virtual conference yet still creating a culture of togetherness. Thank you."

Conference Attendee

"I really enjoyed touring the various centres, such wonderful ideas and possibilities!"

Conference Attendee

"Due to the fact that we are not able to go to a public conference and interact, this was a wonderful way to learn, stay on top of new emerging content, and interact virtually with others in the field of childcare."

Conference Attendee

"So grateful for all of ARCQE team. This was a lot of work to put together...pat on the back!...it was well organized and delivered."

Conference Speaker