We’re so excited about the values, goals, and scale of this new program! Read the ministry announcement from August.3rd, 2022 and find out more here.


ARCQE has been working to increase awareness and use of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire tools (ASQ: 3 and ASQ: SE-2).  The ASQ tools support child development in five developmental domains (communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving and personal social) and social-emotional development.  ARCQE’s engagement with the sector relative to developmental screening is intended to support children in maximizing children’s ability to reach their full potential through involvement in the following three programs.

Currently, ARCQE is the only authorized organization to provide ASQ training in Alberta and we work in partnership with Brookes Publishing and Alberta Children’s Services.


Initial support for programs with developing an implementation plan for using Ages and Stages Questionnaires and partnering with families to guide optimal child development.


Supporting programs with coaching strategies and resources, building upon implementation of Ages and Stages Questionnaires to maximize children’s development.


Support for FRN/HV Agencies using Ages and Stages Questionnaires, Online Database, and resources and support for families for enhancing child development.

Creating Awareness
Creating Awareness

Creating awareness of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire tools in licensed and contracted agencies to better support children with developmental milestones.

Program Confidence
Program Confidence

Empowering programs with further knowledge and understanding of children's individual needs and abilities and guiding responsive approaches to child development.

Building Relationships
Building Relationships

A practice of relationships will be enhanced between practitioners and families, with a focus on child development applying ASQ.

Child Development Supports Service Request

The CDS projects are accepting applications for new programs.  Priority will be given to programs based off the following criteria:

  • Previously or currently supporting Inclusive Child Care (ICC)
  • Having received a certificate of completion for an ARCQE ASQ Orientation Sessions and ASQ Kits
  • Have a formalized connection with another agency that is a current participant in the GRASP project.

Our project model is broken into three phases:  Orientation and Project Initiation, Plan for Implementation, and Family Engagement.  Coaching support will be tailored to meet the following levels: First Year Program, Second Year Program, and Early Leader Program.

CDS involvement includes the following:

  • Direct Coach support virtually and in-person.
  • Developing an ASQ Team and having educators engaged in the process of screening.
  • Utilizing the ASQ Database within three months of project initiation.
  • Ongoing use of the Brookes ASQ database, including a maximum of 3 screenings per year under the age of two and 2 screenings a year over the age of two. An additional two per year may be completed for children in monitoring and/or referral areas with a focus on universal screening.
  • Attendance at training sessions and networking/learning showcase opportunities.
  • Invitations to formal Training & Refresher Training sessions to guide new and returning programs.
  • Access to resources to support implementation and responsive strategies for families as a follow up to formal ASQ screening outcomes .
  • Working with your coach to develop resources for families within the program.
  • The availability of ASQ kits in other languages as necessary to minimize barriers to family participation.

Service Request Form for Child Development Supports

  • If yes, please provide the coach's name.