Creating Cultural Connections is a 3 year grant created to support programs in Southern Alberta to build capacity to address culturally diverse needs of children and families. Cultural mentors will serve up to 160 licensed program across the region.

Available to Southern Alberta, this program initiative will guide development and delivery of culturally sensitive resources and mentoring support aimed at enhancing educator capacity reflective of unique program need and diversity. The development of the Creating Cultural Connections, (CCC), grant resources will be primarily centered on the Early Learning Child Care Licensing Act and Regulations with a strong understanding and focus of the principles and matters to be considered as the cornerstone of service integration and alignment in enhancing quality early learning environments.

How We Connect

Mentorship will be implemented through on-site visits as well as program to program mentorship. Early learning centres will be paired with Cultural Leadership Sites across the province to be able to collaborate, share culturally responsive ideas, and build capacity. Professional Learning Sessions to Guide Educator Practice will enhance culturally sensitive environments, support responsive routines, and build strategies to guide meaningful relationships reflective of diverse family needs. CCC uses a Virtual Portal with cultural resources which support the mental, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and physical needs of all children.


South Region Licensed programs such as:

  • Licensed Day Care
  • Licensed Family Day home Agencies
  • Out of School Care Programs
  • Preschool Programs
  • Innovative Programs i.e., Women’s Shelters
  • Group Family Child Care Programs
  • Indigenous and Métis Programs
  • Isolated/Remote Licensed Programs
CCC Newsletters

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ARCQE respectfully continues to work to identify numerous resource sites and articles that can assist early learning educators in enriching their understanding of cultural context and application for early learning settings.


We feature culturally diverse and inclusive resources and strategies that are custom designed for the CCC project.

CCC Showcase of Learning

Come together on May.3,4 2024 for CCC's first annual Showcase! All Southern innovative programs are welcome whether you are involved in the project or not.

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