Exciting project opportunity as a Pedagogical Partner with ARCQE!

What: The Alberta Resource Centre for Quality Enhancement (ARCQE) is pleased to share news of
expanding opportunities for Pedagogical Partner support with the Flight Framework being accessible to all
childcare programs, Family Child Care (FCC) and Out of School (OSC) programs across Alberta. Exploration
of the curriculum framework supports are now developing within the sector and the number of programs
is increasing, so ARCQE is actively seeking engagement of more Pedagogical Partners who may be
interested contract work opportunities.

This contract opportunity and role described here relates specifically to that of serving in the capacity of
Pedagogical Partner with ARCQE.

Who & When: As a means of supporting child care, family child care and out of school care programs with
curriculum focused practice strategies, we are currently looking to enlist contractors in all geographical
regions across Alberta. We are seeking educators with a minimum of an ELCC Diploma with experience
working with the curriculum framework or capable of engaging in high level pedagogical leadership
development to facilitate effective engagement of these concepts with individual sites. As a potential
contractor we are also looking for Pedagogical Partners who may be able to serve one or more programs
pending location, over the course of January 2021 to August 2021 with possibility of renewal and/or

As an ARCQE Pedagogical Partner contracted responsibilities would include the following:
• Registration and participation in the new on-line Exploring Early Childhood Curriculum course
delivered by MacEwan University (16-week timeline)
• Pedagogical Partner (Pp) Orientation attendance and a commitment to continuous professional
learning opportunities.
• Ability to provide site specific support to Child Care, FCC & OSC programs; approximately 4-6
hours a month/program including some planning & preparation time (may involve travel and/ or
virtual support)
• Ability to support individual educators, program leaders and sites with facilitation of sessions
focused on topics relating to the curriculum framework in practice.
• Monthly program documentation
• Willingness to facilitate or co-facilitate Regional Learning Community sessions with other Pp’s
about a series of curricular topics with groups of Child Care, Family Child Care, and/or Out of
School Care centre staff throughout the course of the year.

Where: Involvement in this initiative is province-wide pending where childcare, family childcare and out
of school care programs are situated. Pedagogical Partners may be paired with one or more sites as
geographical location dictates and/or contractor availability depending on location. Pedagogical Partners
will schedule monthly onsite support visits through a blend of virtual and as appropriate, onsite visits with
social distancing guidelines as outlined by Alberta Health Services. Approved travel related costs to
facilitate site specific practice engagement of rural/remote sites will also be made available as
appropriate. (Parameters of travel support will be further outlined once Pp’s have been determined and
matched to sites and travel distance subsequently calculated).

How: Those interested in the possibility of contracting as a Pedagogical Partner with ARCQE are asked to
submit a formal “Letter of Expressed Interest” that speaks to the following:
Availability to meet time commitment and contract expectations and responsibilities throughout
the year as outlined (if helpful the MacEwan course has e been scheduled as an evening online
session to support involvement of contractors with other daytime work-related commitments)
Specific Interest: Share with us prior involvement and/or related experience you have had either
with the Curriculum Framework or in a coaching capacity with programs that speak to skills
and/or expertise you bring to supporting the Pedagogical Partner role.
Qualifications: Minimum of a two-year Early Learning & Child Care Diploma and/or degree from
a public institution and Level III Certification in good standing.
Commitment to ongoing professional learning: Ability to support evidence of remaining actively
engaged and abreast of current practice trends and research in early learning and care. (i.e.
Memberships, Conferences, engagement in regional and/or community groups etc.)
Experience: demonstrated evidence and/or relevant practice experience in one or more service
areas of the sector (i.e. centre based care, family child care, out of school care, child care
administration, academic instruction and/or research related work, related project work)
Leadership skills: comfortable in a support role as a facilitator, relationship-based practice skills,
confidence with public speaking and/or presentations, strong communication and writing skills,
good critical thinking skills.

To apply and/or for further information about this contract opportunity please remit questions and/or
applications in care of alison.rinas@gmail.com no later than December 4th, 2020.