About the Program

This program supports a process for engagement of families and implementation of ASQ tools. We facilitate a minimum of 2 screens per year, using the online database. Join uses guided review of screening outcomes and coordinating responses. We work to connect families, where appropriate, to external community support and referrals.  Participation in year end event (GROW), where programs transition from implementation to comprehensive developmental supports.

How to Register

To register, fill out our Child Development Support Service Request form! Once registered, our Program Coordinator will reach out to approved licensed programs, and will set you up an ASQ online account and connect you with a coach.

Join has a capacity to service 100 licensed child care programs annually. To facilitate engagement in this project, the ministry is generously offering Relief Time Funding (RTF) to enable programs to participate. Upon your completion of JOIN, you are now eligible for relief time funding to reimburse you for your time spent in training. 

When your year with JOIN is completed you can then register for support in our GRASP program.

Click here to download the RTF form.