About the Program

The Alberta Resource Centre for Quality Enhancement (ARCQE) has been working to increase awareness and use of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ: 3) and Social-Emotional (ASQ: SE2) screening tools across Alberta.  ARCQE’s engagement with the sector relative to development screening supports GRASP: Family Child Care agencies (FCC) & Child Care (CC).

The overarching aim of the GRASP project is to:

  • Guide enhancement of environments as a means of optimizing children’s developmental potential.
  • Support educator strategies focused on best practice relative to developmental outcomes.
  • Provide access to formal coaching and on-site support and resources specific to use of ASQ tools.

Learn more about Agency Consultants or Provider project learnings.

How to Register

Programs receiving GRASP support initiate engagement with the ASQ tools through our JOIN program, then move into the more comprehensive support that GRASP offers.

"When educators engage in a practice of relationships, they create places of vitality in early childhood communities."

Makovichuk, Hewes, Lirette, Thomas