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Exploring Pedagogical Leadership

Beyond administrative leadership, this requires pedagogical leadership. Pedagogy can be defined as the understanding of how learning takes place and the philosophy and practice that supports that understanding of learning. Essentially it is the study of the teaching and learning process.

As ARCQE celebrates its 15th anniversary year, we are pleased to feature a new Leadership Blog- penned by members of the ARCQE governance Board. Since ARCQE’s inception in 2004 the organization has been fortunate to have benefited from the knowledge and expertise of several influential members of the early learning & care community. This year as the organization reaches a 15 year milestone, we continue to look at ways and means that we can grow and expand in being more responsive to the community of educators we serve. As the shift towards reflective practice evolves, we are reminded by way of Alberta’s new early learning curriculum framework that “Families, children and educators create places of vitality together- strong, active, and energetic communities, fostered by educators engaged in a practice of relationships.” (Makovichuk et al. 2014).

Given this, we are excited to announce that new this year, ARCQE will be highlighting one new leadership blog per month written by a member of the ARCQE Board. It is our hope that new topics shared will inspire and evoke further conversation, reflection and networking amongst the broad community of which we are all a part in continuing to vision child care forward!

For those wishing to share comments, questions and/or to suggest further topics of interest, please remit feedback to


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