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Curriculum Study Tour 2023!



Many of you have previously attended Curriculum Study Tours with ARCQE in 2016 and 2019 tas well as many of our programs now engaging with the Flight Curriculum here in Alberta, have been asking when ARCQE might once again be supporting another Study Tour opportunity…   We are pleased to announce that we are now formalizing plans to lead a 3rd cohort of Early Childhood Educators on yet another exciting study tour adventur!


This year we are pleased to share that we will be highlighting a visit to the Boulder Journey School program in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.  


The information session hosted by Alex Morgan will be on January 31st 2023.

ARCQE’s 3rd international Curriculum Study Tour will be May or June 2023!


The Study Tour is open to all interested Early Childhood Educators both in and beyond Alberta, interested in learning more about the Boulder Journey School’s exploration with early learning curriculum.