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CDS Parent Symposium

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Parent Symposium: A Must-Attend Event for Every Parent!

Why would you want to attend a parent symposium?

You live a busy life, and taking a full day to attend a parent symposium may feel overwhelming but having time to talk to Alberta Health Service Professionals, Early Learning Coaches and other families will fill your bucket!  You will be able to hear about child development, ask questions specific to your child and hear about other people’s experiences and perspectives.  The best part is that the hub locations will be held around Alberta, connecting you with other families that are in your local areas!


The Parent Symposium: A Journey Towards Becoming Your Best Parenting Self

Have you completed an ASQ and had questions about the skills the tool is asking about or about how your child can be supported in the areas of development that the ASQ looks at?  The Parent Symposium will allow families to gain knowledge about Early Childhood Development, Speech and Language Development and Emotional Regulation.  You will leave the symposium with resources and tools that will help you in your parenting journey!

The Ultimate Guide to Navigating a Parenting Symposium

What is a parent symposium?  Families will be able to attend in hub locations around the Province, allowing them to connect with other families in their local area.  There are three different topics that AHS professionals will present, facilitated time will be given for group discussions and questions from each location will be presented back to the AHS representatives.  Drop-in child care will be offered in each hub location to support families’ needs.  Come with questions and be ready to engage in these interactive sessions!

Screen Time and Early Childhood Development

This session will look how to support all areas of development that are covered by the ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 at a time when screen usage is part of our daily lives.  Families will learn about how to start setting up a healthy balance for screen time while developing their gross motor, fine motor, communication, and social-emotional development.

Supporting Your Child’s Speech

Families will learn how their child’s speech develops and how they can support this in their everyday activities, as well as where to turn when more help is needed for speech and language development.

Emotional Regulation: Introduction to Managing Your Emotions

Families will learn skills for supporting their child’s emotional regulation and how it impacts their development.  There will be a discussion on how to support your child’s ability to get along with others, adjust to new situations and their overall health and well-being.