10 Things you may not know but be interested in learning about ARCQE’s Board Members…

Beryl McNulty, Board Chair

• I began my role as a Board member for ARCQE when?

My formal role as a Board member began in June of 2018. I feel as though I have been connected to ARCQE since 2012 when is started my journey here at Little Sprouts Child Care as ARCQE has been my go-to resource since then!

• What inspired my career in Early Learning?

From a very young age I was called the “Baby Whisperer” and all the neighbours wanted me as their babysitter. I had the ability to help settle babies very quickly, and it seemed that children and I were attracted to each other. I am told I have a built-in magnet for being in relationship with children as we seem to come together easily. Having said this however, early learning was not my first choice of career. From high school I went into nursing for 20 years, until an injury ended that career and at the age of 40 I returned to college for another 2+ years pursuing courses that led to where I am today, which I now view happily supporting child care!

• Most influential career learning I have had to date

The greatest learning curve in my work in early learning was how to operate a child care center as an Administrator. While I could readily manage a program for a group of children, supporting a center as an Executive Director has been my greatest achievement. This year will mark 10 years watching a very small center grow and expand. I am very proud of the educators growing alongside of me and their extraordinary efforts providing an outstanding quality program as a team.

• I was interested to serve as a volunteer Board member for ARCQE because….?

ARCQE was the organization I turned to when I first began my career as an early childhood educator looking to enhance my skills as a director. Through them I learned more about how to better manage the programs budget, how to be an effective leader, and the list goes on. In turn I was eager to join the board to help support other educators and administrators coming into the field looking for support as I did and to help advocate for ongoing support for the early childhood field.

• How has my role as a Board member for ARCQE benefited me personally…?

ARCQE has helped me to broaden my understanding of early childhood and the importance of advocacy not only locally but provincially and nationally as well. We are at a time when all voices need to be heard relative to the significance and need for access to quality child care for all families and children.

• Favourite leadership quote is….?

“A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential.” (Brene Brown)

• One thing you may not know, but would be interested to learn about me is..

I love playing music, I have more than one guitar, I played the trumpet and alto horn in high school and was in a marching accordion band!

• In my spare time I like to…

make walking sticks out of diamond willow branches.

• Proudest moment was…

when my daughter asked me to be at her side for the birth of her daughter Arianna and son Joseph. I was able to cut the umbilical cord of my grandson Joseph.

• Someone who has been a memorable mentor to me is…

Myrna Fox who worked at Portage College. Myrna encouraged me to become the Executive Director where I currently work and would often help troubleshoot challenges with me when needed. Myrna was not only a mentor she was a friend whom I now dearly miss.