National Child Day

ARCQE hosts a National Child Day conference annually to celebrate Children’s Rights, and to share knowledge and research in many diverse fields of Early Childhood Education. As a conference focused on National Child Day, the theme for our event is framed around Rights of the Child- whereby annually one right in particular is highlighted as a year-long focus.

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ARCQE 14th National Child Day Conference – Nov 16-18, 2023
As we prepare for our 14th annual National Child Day Conference, we are excited about this year’s theme which pays tribute to Article 04– in the Convention On the Right of the Child: In Child Friendly Language, UNICEF Canada. Our 2023 theme inspired by this Article is  Children Reaching Their Full Potential. This is relative to nurturing children as competent, capable, curious, citizens and learners.

As such we are pleased to announce the focus of this year’s event: “Children Reaching Their Full Potential: Inquiring, Creating, & Inspiring!” Leading off this year’s conference in thought provoking reflection, insight and pedagogical discussion, ARCQE is also pleased to share the engagement of two engaging and dynamic keynote speakers Nicole Cromartie and Dr. Lori Ryan both of Denver Colorado!

ARCQE will bridge delegates and participants both nationally and internationally by way of a virtual format on the Accelevents platform to further enhance opportunities to share and reflect as part of a broader global community. We have heard from many of our past delegates, that the opportunity for educators to participate as part of an open attendance event enables a more responsive community of practice approach that supports greater reflective practice engagement. Educators can return, and revisit sessions for up to 30 days following the “live” conference dates!

We are looking forward to embrace the opportunity to be in community with all of you as we celebrate National Child Day together November 16-18, 2023.


"The ability to have this event virtually made it possible for programs who cannot afford to close for the duration of the conference to send their educators to the sessions; it made it possible to include a more diverse range of presenters; and I hope this format continues at least in part for future conferences!"

Conference Attendee

"So impressed by the great work ARCQE did providing a virtual conference yet still creating a culture of togetherness. Thank you."

Conference Attendee

"So grateful for all of ARCQE team. This was a lot of work to put together...pat on the back! was well organized and delivered."

Conference Speaker