Brain Story Certification & Theory-to-Practice Sessions For ECEs

Early childhood educators (ECEs) are essential to delivering high-quality early learning and child care. They need to be well-educated, supported, and remunerated to enable them to undertake that work. Supporting ECEs to participate in ongoing professional learning leads to improved practice and better outcomes for children and their families.

With the support of the Government of Alberta and in partnership with the Palix Foundation, the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta (AECEA) is excited to provide ECEs with an opportunity for continued professional learning on the scientific underpinnings of early brain development and the important role ECEs play in brain development in the early years. The professional learning will be free to take and ECEs will be reimbursed for their time spent learning.

The reimbursement is NOT LINKED to the Release Time Grant offered by Children’s Services. The hours for this professional learning opportunity DO NOT count towards the Release Time Finding grant from Children’s Services.

Theory-to-Practice Sessions

After completing the Brain Story Certification, ECEs can register to participate in sessions facilitated by ARCQE designed specifically for ECEs to connect the theory and ideas presented in the Brain Story to their daily practice, interactions, and relationships with children and families. Upon completing the sessions, ECEs will be reimbursed for 10 hours of time. ECEs will be able to:

  • appreciate the role they have on children’s brain development and the importance of brain development in the early years
  • integrate their new learning into daily practice with increased knowledge, skill, and confidence in their ability to articulate and put into practice the key concepts of brain science as it relates to their daily interactions with young children
  • recognize alignments between concepts from the Brain Story and concepts of Flight: Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework and inclusive child care practices

These sessions will be delivered in person and online and will take a variety of formats to meet the needs of ECEs across the province. Upon completion of the sessions, ECEs will be reimbursed for 10 hours of learning time.

To learn more and register for upcoming series, please visit HERE.

Questions? Please contact AECEA at

NOTE: Hours DO NOT count towards the Release Time Funding grant from Children’s Services; reimbursement comes from AECEA, not from Children’s Services.