About the Project

The Alberta Resource Centre for Quality Enhancement (ARCQE) has been working to increase awareness and use of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ: 3) and Social-Emotional (ASQ: SE2) screening tools across Alberta.  ARCQE’s engagement with the sector relative to development screening now spans support to the following three areas 1. GRASP: Family Child Care agencies (FCC) 2. Parent Link Centres, (PLC) 3. Home Visitation programs (HV).

Creating Awareness
Creating Awareness

Creating awareness of the ASQ screening tools in licensed and contracted agencies serving children ensures that these tools are utilized and supported to guide meaningful dialogue about child development with families.

Educator Confidence
Educator Confidence

Improved understanding not only increases the use of these tools, it empowers practitioners with further knowledge and understanding of children’s individual needs, supporting strategies and further enhances meaningful opportunities to debrief developmental findings with families.

Building Relationships
Building Relationships

With province-wide support on developmental screening, educators and practitioners are now engaged in critical reflection to support building relationships and strengthening communications to inform responsive follow up that may be beneficial to optimizing developmental outcomes.

"When educators engage in a practice of relationships, they create places of vitality in early childhood communities."

Makovichuk, Hewes, Lirette, Thomas 2014


The overarching aim of the GRASP project is to:

  • Guide enhancement of environments as a means of optimizing children’s developmental potential.
  • Support day home provider strategies focused on best practice relative to developmental outcomes.
  • Provide access to formal coaching and on-site support and resources specific to use of ASQ tools.

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Currently ARCQE works in partnership with Children’s Services to assist PLC’s and HV’s with developmental screening as follows:

  • Coordinate training & refresher sessions on developmental screening tools
  • Provide support & consultation and/or training to orient programs to use of ASQ on-line database
  • Facilitate communities of practice and information sharing relative to developmental screening, supporting referrals and access to resource materials for both trainers & families.

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“I truly believe there is value in this program and the benefit for day homes is substantial.”

GRASP Coach March 2017