About the Project

With accreditation standards and coaching support to guide programs through the self evaluation process now coming into 14 years of service, this year seemed a timely opportunity to work with ministry partners in identifying new meaningful ways to help programs enhance quality and build capacity.

Given this, ARCQE has introduced 3 new support tiers by which coaching services will be delivered.

  1. Individual Coaching Support
  2. Group Coaching Sessions
  3. Helpful Resources

To activate support, we invite programs to review the following details then if interested to complete the Service Request form.

Coaching Support

This support is intended to address the following specific areas:

Practice coaching is relative to helping guide context and educator understanding of Standards 1 & 2 indicators subject to promoting positive adult/child interactions. The aim subsequent to this type of support is intended to help model supportive strategies that reinforce supportive adult/child relationships thus reducing instances of “Opposite Practice” observed during Site Visits.  Programs who qualify for this support will be eligible for up to 10 hours of support per licensed site.

Annual Reporting & Subsequent Site Visit Support is intended to provide coaching to programs in throughout the 3-year cycle of accreditation that may benefit from support relative to preparing Annual Reports, and/or those for whom a Subsequent Site Visit may have been performed and are thus in need of follow up support.  Programs who qualify for this support will be eligible for 5 hours of sponsored coaching support.

Group Coaching Sessions

For programs working to prepare for accreditation Site Visits, ARCQE will be delivering a series of 7 professional learning sessions aimed at addressing specific topics relating to the self evaluation process. These sessions will be delivered in two formats, regionally as face-to-face sessions, and/or virtual for those in rural/remote areas unable to attend regional sessions scheduled.

Group coaching sessions will be 2 hours in length based on the above topics.  Programs who qualify for this support will be required to register in advance for sessions and may attend individual sessions and/or the full series as appropriate.  All sessions are also eligible to participate in monthly on-line Q & A sessions to assist with trouble-shooting questions following attendance to sessions.

Coaching sessions are held in various regions of Alberta, making it accessible across the province. If you are eligible for a group coaching session, you can find a Group Coaching Session in your area or online. For answers to your questions you can also access our Online Q&A sessions.

Session 1: Theory to Practice
Applying context for standards in action and how child care professionals can strengthen then and align practice more consistently to program policies.

Session 2: Making Indicators Meaningful
Promoting and Supporting Physical Wellness and Physical Literacy

Session 3: The Workbook
Looking at Relationships Through the Lens of Purposeful and Respectful Interactions

Session 4: Making Indicators Meaningful
Addressing Importance of Inclusive Environments

Session 5: Defining Value of Stakeholders
Identifying The Who, What, When, Where and How

Session6: Creating and Implementing
Well-defined Management Practices

Session 7: Reflecting & Highlighting the Accreditation Journey
Completing the Workbook, Developing the QEP and Informing Your Annual Report

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Helpful Resources

Another component of support that is available to programs includes access to supporting resources and materials that will be made available on the ARCQE website. Below, a broad array of supporting information is available. Types of resources that includes are:

  • FAQ Tip sheets on commonly asked questions relating to accreditation
  • Coach Connections: short support videos on various theory to practice topics relating to accreditation
  • Links to recorded Group Coaching Sessions
  • Links to other helpful websites
  • Photo galleries to support early learning care environments & concepts
  • Blogs, video clips & links to best practice information
  • Assorted resources and materials for download
Frequently Asked Questions