About the Program

LINK provides 25 hours of onsite service support, with 6 hours of follow up support  to review progress and provide further recommendations and strategies. This provincial contract offers sponsored support to programs at no cost.

Critical areas for support are:

  1. Effective Supervision
  2. Child-Staff Ratios
  3. Staff Qualifications
  4. Child Guidance
  5. Meeting the Developmental Needs of Children.


To qualify for sponsored support, the programs are referred to ARCQE by their regional licensing officer or the Ministry of Children’s Services.

Participating programs must them commit to the following:

  1. Attend a pre-service orientation meeting.
  2. Support hours completed within the established timelines.
  3. Competition of all action plan items.
  4. Participation in pre and post evaluation processes.

How is support delivered?

The support process includes:

  1. Initial meeting
  2. Analysis
  3. Development of Action Plan
  4. Service Support Delivery (Coaching Visits)
  5. Final Review & Recommendations
  6. Completion of a Service Review